Security, comfort, and convenience for passengers are vitally important to keep an airport running. Threats have to be identified early, preferably before they occur, and eliminated reliably. Whether it's a suspicious bag, a column of smoke, or unauthorized access - all processes must work together to ensure an appropriate level of response.

Command and control systems from Gate 8 Energy Solutions look at the demands of an airport as a whole - from wide-area surveillance around the perimeter and on the airfield to the security systems in the terminal, from fire safety to baggage scanning, from energy efficiency to optimization. And then we build intelligent airport solutions that protect passengers, equipment, and the entire infrastructure.

Our experienced and skilled project teams specify, design, install, and maintain both new systems and upgrade existing systems for:

  • Security
  • Fire safety
  • Energy efficiency
  • Low-voltage power distribution

Our products and systems are of the highest innovation level, due to world class research and development departments, ensuring your systems continue running and your business continues smoothly.