Building automation for small and medium-sized multipurposed buildings: Synco

Synco HVAC building automation - for enhanced comfort and energy efficiency

HVAC building automation needs vary greatly between individual buildings, depend on factors such as building size, life cycle, operating times and comfort needs. Synco building automation can be matched to all these requirements: The standard controllers offer maximum energy efficiency plus reliability and represent a product range of modular design. This means that Synco enables you to plan a versatile, cost- and energy-efficient HVAC control system and to straightforwardly install and commission it - with no need for programming. In addition, functions like the energy indicator or the HomeControl app support the user in monitoring and controlling their HVAC plant, facilitating energy-efficient operation.

Highlights at a glance:

  • Energy savings thanks to intelligent building automation
  • Energy efficiency ensured by eu.bac-certified controllers
  • Well prepared for any requirement with a comprehensive product range
  • Versatility and expandability for future use
  • Straightforward operation and quick commissioning
  • Optimum control and fast setting options through remote plant access
  • Superior support through a reliable partner
  • Highest quality and reliability backed by decades of experience and high standards