Building Performance & Sustainability

Optimize The Efficiency Of Your Building Portfolio

Building Performance & Sustainability

Office buildings, hospitals, hotels or production sites: most buildings in the world consume much more energy than necessary. Yours too? With our comprehensive Building Performance & Sustainability package, we can change this. We evaluate energy procurement and consumption and help implement measures. We ensure you will increase both efficiency and sustainability. We will make your buildings ready to meet current and future standards, enabling you to concentrate on your core business.


More Sustainability

Transparency creates new opportunities

photoShrink your company's carbon footprint and lower operating costs with sustainable resource utilization and consumption reduction. How can you achieve this? By continuously monitoring what your buildings consume. Evaluate. Seize the opportunities that arise as a result. There are also opportunities on the procurement side. You as the energy suppliers' customer can decide just how environmentally-friendly your electricity is produced. Take advantage of our experience in optimized procurement in a volatile energy market.

Rely on Gate 8 Energy Solutions as your partner. Our experience includes more than 6,500 projects across the globe. We are at home in a broad range of markets and are familiar with local provisions. Implementing our own Corporate Sustainability Program is not the least of our achievements. The result: 22 percent reduction in CO2 emissions, 26 percent energy savings. You can do this as well.

Our recommendations for you are always based on reliable data. Our innovative energy management system will assess the consumption of some or all of your buildings worldwide. Together with you, we will then determine which cost-saving measures are appropriate. And this involves more than just technology. It is often helpful to sensitize the buildings' occupants to behave responsibly in terms of energy usage. We have a good grasp of all the adjustment factors that will contribute to the sustainability of your buildings.


Maximum Efficiency

Expertise leads to success

photoThere are many factors involved in enhancing the performance of buildings. Modern building automation and control, energy-saving systems, equipment, and lighting are a few examples. Or efficient heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. Or optimized control, measurement technology, and control engineering. Together - after a detailed analysis - we will determine which measures will have the greatest impact on your buildings.

This involves taking a closer look at your overall building portfolio. A global concept will show you exactly what savings are possible. You decide what investments you'd like to make. Now you can benefit from our local presence. Our service and support personnel will oversee your measures on site. Equipped with top quality tools, state-of-the-art technology and in-depth experience, our personnel get the best results from buildings worldwide. For maximum efficiency - guaranteed.


Lower Costs

Intelligence guarantees savings

photoUp to 30 percent of the costs in a building's life cycle are attributed to energy consumption. This can often be the source of unforeseen savings potential. Even small measures can have a huge effect.

It starts with energy procurement: with a customized supply concept, you can take advantage of the market's dynamics. And you save hard cash. We rely on transparency to enhance the efficiency of your buildings. Sensible measures based on real data which truly reduce consumption. We will design a universally intelligent and dependable energy efficiency management concept together with you. For guaranteed savings, foreseeable costs and fewer risks.



Efficiency reduces emissions

photoClimate protection treaties and emission trading schemes, environmental protection norms and certification regulations - the public pressure on your company is growing. This is often compounded by self-imposed sustainability goals. There are many good reasons to work on the efficiency of your buildings.

We will support you with all of your issues related to energy efficiency and climate protection. Should we buy green electricity? Where are the worst energy offenders, where is the best savings potential? What would it cost to establish a central energy management system for all of our buildings worldwide? Together, we will create a concept that gets the most out of your buildings. And we will even help you create CO2 reports at the finish.