Complete BIM Data For Efficient Planning

Digitalization: new opportunities, new challenges

Digitalization is shaping developments in all industries, including the building sector. It opens up new opportunities and brings new challenges. The planning of commercial, industrial and public buildings worldwide has to become ever more efficient and cost-effective without a loss in quality.

BIM - the future of construction has already begun

Thanks to rapid IT developments in recent years, the answer to these challenges already exists today: Building Information Modeling (BIM). This comprehensive working method is revolutionizing construction processes using 3D data. They reflect the geometric data of all building elements, schedules and budgets for the entire project as well as all relevant energy supply, lighting, fire safety and building management data. BIM even takes information for potential building demolition into account.

photoBIM made easy - with Gate 8 Energy Solutions

With a wide range of products for BIM-based planning, Gate 8 Energy Solutions is making it easy for you to experience the future of construction. BIM data from Gate 8 Energy Solutions is available in the pioneering REVIT format. They can be downloaded quickly and easily, used directly and converted to IFC.

Your benefit using Gate 8 Energy Solutions BIM data:


photoBIM data from Gate 8 Energy Solutions is expanded continuously. It always reflects the most up-to-date Information.


photoThe regular updates of the plug-in gives you the assurance to always have the latest product data in your symbol library.


Gate 8 Energy Solutions offers planners product data of holistic and multi-discipline solutions - from building comfort to fire safety and security.