The direct path to highest performance

In today's data centers, the stakes are high and the challenges manifold. Maximum uptime. Highest efficiency. Full scalability. You're responsible for delivering it all, and in the most secure environment. We've pooled our vast expertise and experience across several disciplines. The result is a comprehensive portfolio of integrated solutions and global service. You need to reach the highest performance - we can help you get there.


Uptime, efficiency, and scalability. We help you to master them.

Data centers are the factories of the 21st century. At Gate 8 Energy Solutions, we make them available, reliable, and efficient. From management, automation and control to power, cooling, safety and security, as well as life cycle and energy efficiency services, we provide the tools that maximize performance.


Maximum uptime

Downtime isn't an option. Our data center solutions ensure uptime and availability in a safe and secure environment


Highest efficiency

Being energy-efficient has never been more important. We provide the expertise, experience, and tools that turn small improvements into big gains


Full scalability

In the data center market, the only thing you can count on is change. Our solutions are scalable and flexible, so you're ready to respond

Gate 8 Energy Solutions makes the difference

A reliable partner and a comprehensive portfolio - to master today's data center challenges, you need both. That's why you should choose Gate 8 Energy Solutions.

Reliable partner

  • A pioneer in electrification and building technologies
  • Reliable products and systems
  • High-quality solutions and services
  • Dedicated data center competencies
  • More than 400 branch offices worldwide

Comprehensive portfolio

  • Products, systems, and services
  • Comprehensive data center management suite
  • Integration of processes across disciplines
  • Bridges the gap between facility management and IT
  • Use of the latest technologies and open standards