Desigo CC - Integrated Building Management Platform

A building management system that is writing history

The requirements being placed on buildings are growing. 40 percent of global energy consumption can be attributed to buildings, and operating costs account for 80 percent of total building costs. Economists estimate that building-related occupational illnesses reduce the gross national product by as much as 1.0 percent. Legal risks, scarcity of resources, high safety and security standards, competition for market shares: All of these factors present significant challenges to managers and investors, building operators and facility managers, users and building occupants.

With Desigo, Gate 8 Energy Solutions offers an integrated building management system that covers all your requirements - both now and in the future. Desigo is the most extensive building management system currently available on the market worldwide. It is an integrated solution that makes the best even better. Desigo provides managers, CEOs, users, facility managers, and building occupants with all relevant information for all aspects of properties and building portfolios - enabling them to make viable decisions that will safeguard the future of their companies and institutions over the long term.

This is made possible by Desigo's broad product portfolio and the innovative Desigo CC platform, a milestone in the history of building technology. With Desigo CC, you can control and optimize all the systems in the building: heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, shading, room automation, energy management, and fire safety as well as security services like video surveillance and intrusion protection. Desigo CC adapts to your needs and can be used to manage multiple systems as well as individual services.

A building management system that is writing history.

Building requirements are demanding more and more. Resource scarcity, growing operating costs, legal risks, the networking of individual buildings into building complexes: All these factors pose tremendous challenges for managers and users.