Perfecting Protection

photoSecurity matters more than ever before

Security is one of the most important enablers for the way we live and do business in a globalized world. Perfecting protection through advanced security management and services means safeguarding the basis of sustained competitiveness and business continuity of our customers.

We are committed to providing innovative solutions for buildings, global corporate sites and critical infrastructure. This commitment, coupled with decades of expertise in a wide range of industries, has made us the trusted partner for optimally balancing costs and minimizing security risks.

Security Solutions


photoBased on an innovative approach to security, our Siveillance system comprises a comprehensive range of security solutions and systems - from intelligent video surveillance, access control and identity management to intrusion detection and perimeter protection, up to industrial command and control center technology - which can be configured to meet specific requirements depending on the needs of the individual customer for a particular site or type of industry.

Building Solutions


photoDesigo CC is the leading building management platform currently available, providing operators with relevant information for optimizing every aspect of their properties and buildings - from comfort, lighting and energy management, to fire safety, mass notification and security. Through our broad portfolio we can reduce system and operational complexity for our customers and guarantee a safe, secure and efficient environment.

Market-Specific Solutions


photoWhether critical infrastructures, corporate or building security - with our customized security solutions we meet our customers individual security requirements. With decades of experience in a wide range of critical infrastructures and industries, we can offer specific solutions for many of the challenges that our customers face, followed by continuous risk assessments and services, such as upgrading installed systems or customer staff training. This is how we can provide secure and efficient solutions that protect customer investments and assets - not just today, but also tomorrow and beyond.