Room thermostats - for energy efficient temperature control

A versatile portfolio for heating, ventilation and air conditioning

photoStand-alone room thermostats


The product range of stand-alone room thermostats includes products for all applications, as well as wall mounted and flush mounted versions. A harmonized HMI as well as installation concept characterizes the room thermostats, just like their control accuracy.

  • Heating and/or Cooling
  • Fan Coils
  • Variable Air Volume

photoCommunicating room thermostats


Communicating room thermostats with KNX or Modbus interface can be integrated seamlessly into existing or new building management systems. Control works via touch screen, touch button or knob.

  • Heating and/or Cooling
  • Fan Coils with KNX
  • Fan Coils Modbus
  • Variable Air Volume

photoCapillary and clamp-on thermostats


The versatile portfolio of room thermostats also offers capillary and clamp-on thermostats. The range includes products for immersion and wall mounting.

  • Temperature
  • Frost protection units
  • Room temperature

photoFields of use


Find examples of typical heating and cooling, fan coils and variable air volume applications here.

  • Heating and/or cooling
  • Fan Coils
  • Variable Air Volume